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East Midlands Cosmetic Plastic Surgeon

PhD, MB;BS, FRCS(Ed), FRCS(Plast)

Revision Date 29th June;

I am sorry for the delay in writing to my patients individually, but at short notice I was given leave to work for Medecins sans Frontieres in Gaza. I left on the 18th June and I am here now and wont be back in the UK until 19th July. Once I am back in the UK I will be dealing with this.

Revision Date 14th May 2019;

Last night I resigned from the BMI group. This the for the the Park Hospital in Nottingham and the Lincoln Hospital.

I am deeply sorry for the upset and distress that has been caused to my patients. I will be writing to all my patients under my care in 2017 and subsequently, in the near future with a fuller explanation. I have expressed my views clearly to the BMI group that denying my patients access to appropriate medical care has been the cause of distress, stress and harm. I have expressed the view that my suspension was ill-considered, non-compliant of BMI policy and unjustified, and the excessive time it has taken to fail to resolve the issue has compounded patient problems predictably and unnecessarily.

It in not my preferred option to have to resign, to be suspended or to be held in an investigation process that has failed to progess in a sensible timeframe. I am currently powerless to do anything useful to help, but am very happy to talk to patients. If you email on the above email I will send my phone number. Until I felt I had no option but to resign, I was locked in a process which prevented me from communicating openly with my patients. I have written to the GMC for ethical advice on this issue.

On the 21st June 2018 I was invited to a meeting by Amanda Dorkes BMI The Park Executive Director. I was told I had a choice of being suspended, suspending myself or resigning. I was told I could not attend my clinic that afternoon, so however it is framed I was suspended by Amanda Dorkes with immediate effect.

I was told about three alleged patient complaints and two alleged staff complaints and alleged concerns raised by two doctors.

None of these complaints were made available to me at the meeting or since. (On the 3rd May 2019 I believe I was provided for the first time, within a data disclosure, one staff complaint, but due to redaction it was hard to be certain. This was from a staff member that I had previously formally complained about in terms of the care they delivered to a patient, which I beleive they were not qualified to give, was not of an acceptable standard and resulted in harm to that patient. If these concerns were investigated I was not interviewed as part of that process.)

I have still to see any of the other complaints and doubted the existence of the patient complaints at the time of the meeting and they have not appeared since if they exist at all.

I identified from the limited information I was provided at the meeting, one staff complaint as being related to an incident that was three or four years old and had not previously been raised, where this member of staff washed off the detailed pre-operative markings off a patient on the operating table. Any patient who has had an operation with me, knows the quite extensive process of pre-operative marking and the very visible marking all over the operation site. I still do not know how a very experienced scrub nurse could watch the markings disappear and just keep going until they were all washed off. The concerns raised by the doctors have not been disclosed to me nor was I provided any information about what they alleged either during the meeting or since. At least one is I believe a professional competitor although their identity was not disclosed.

I had prior to my suspension raised a number of concerns about patient related incidents in the Park hospital. If these have been investigated I have not been interviewed as part of that process.

The BMI group policy requires completion of investigations following suspension of a doctor in 10 weeks. I am sure this needs a degree of flexibility, but I am 11 months on and until my resignation last night, still suspended and no investigation had even started.

It is illogical that I was suspended completely at the Park, but allowed to review my post-operative patients for 6 months in Lincoln (where they lack an alternative Plastic Surgeon). If my professional deficiences were at a level where I was “safe” to review patients in one BMI hospital then that quite clearly was the case at all BMI hospitals. Had I been allowed to review and care for my post-operative patients at the Park, which I should have been, I anticipate many of them would not have the problems they currently appear to have or be so distressed. I believe that denying my patients access to their treating doctor without proper justification has resulted in poorer physical and psychological outcomes i.e. harm.

I am confident that it was due to this BMI investigation remaining unconcluded for 11 months the Ramsey Woodthorpe felt unable to renew my practice privileges, so the BMI process has impacted on all my private patients.

I did have a period of ill health. I still am suffering from stress which at times is quite significant, but would have been able to return to reviewing my patients in autumn of last year.

Again I am deeply sorry for the problems this has caused to my patients. Once this has been investigated I will reflect on the findings if they are critical of my performance, but up to my suspension in June 2018 there is no evidence I have seen, that I was anything other than a perfectly competent doctor.

Peter Brooks PhD FRCS(plast) GMC no 3351383

I am a highly experienced Cosmetic Plastic Surgeon based near Nottingham and I perform a wide range of cosmetic procedures. My approach is to give a natural look after surgery so people look like themselves, improved, rather than like someone who has obviously had surgery.

I used to do my cosmetic work at the BMI Park, BMI Lincoln and Nottingham Woodthorpe hospitals.

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If you’re thinking of undergoing a procedure and want to know more about what is involved, please call 0115 870 0447 or email for further information or to arrange a consultation.

If you want to know more about me or about seeing me click on the Youtube video or the more about link. To get a feel for my surgery and patient care look at the testimonials and the before and after pictures on each surgical procedure page.

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Mr Brooks was open and honest. I wouldn’t hesitate to let him operate on me again. I would also recommend him to others.

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