Almost a third of my patients are now male, as an increasing number of men are considering cosmetic surgery for men.

As a society we are more open to correcting aspects of our bodies that we might have lived with in the past. This change is highlighted by the improvements in dental care over the last few generations, where the change in attitude is obvious. In the 1940’s the British were renowned for having crooked teeth and as people wanted to correct them with braces, it was all to common to be teased about wearing them, whereas today, it’s rare to see many people with crooked teeth and braces have become almost a fashion statement for teenagers.

It’s nice to see that improving your appearance is becoming more accepted, as that then allows people to make positive decisions about how they want to improve their appearance, either through their lifestyle, cosmetic surgery or a mix of both.

The navigation menu shows the most popular cosmetic surgery for men seeking to improve their appearance. If you you can’t see what you are looking for there, Other Procedures has a list of less popular operations.

Each procedure has before and after photographs of my patients to give you an idea of what sort of outcome you might expect from surgery. In my clinic I will try to show you results of patients that look like you.