My most popular procedure for body cosmetic surgery for men is correction of fullness of the chest (gynaecomastia). This is corrected using a selction of surgical techniques which include lipsuction and skin reduction.

I also get men coming to ask about  tummy tucks (abdominoplasties). This procedure works well in men particularly if there has been weight loss or there is loose skin.

Liposuction is another reason men come to see me. It’s worth noting that liposuction is less effective in men than women, since women carry fat just under the skin where it can be easily accessed and removed, whereas in men a lot of their fat is inside the abdomen surrounding the organs. This can’t be removed by liposuction, leaving only the fat that is just under the skin, which is less prevalent in men.

I do get asked to do thigh lifts and arm reductions for men, but they are less frequent.