Combinations of procedures such as face/ eyes/ neck with facial liposuction etc. can make a huge difference. The male facelift is slightly different to the female facelift in that I don’t put beard skin inside the ear, since nobody wants beard hair growing in their ears. Consequently, the surgery cut runs in front of the ear not inside it.

Brow lifts can be more challenging when the hair is thinning, so a better result can usually be achieved by doing the brow lift just above the eyebrows, as the scars can then be disguised within the eyebrow.

I like to improve peoples appearance without making it obvious that they have undergone surgery, so I try to make noses look like the same nose where it is possible, but just better.

It’s important to me to get the result that my patient wants and that usually means looking better without looking artificial.

Outside my cosmetic practice I do facial, lower limb and hand trauma, paediatric plastic surgery and burns reconstructions which includes a huge number of different operations.