Most of my patients are women. They come to see me for a broad range of procedures and although some procedures like breast augmentation are very popular, I do lots of tummys and faces, as well as eyelids and facelifts which are very popular as well.

As we are increasingly wanting to look younger, people are considering facial surgery, as they want to look better, fresher, less tired and with noses more in proportion.

With body surgery to breasts, tummies, thighs and arms often people are unhappy with having to chose particular clothes or avaiding the beach and the pool. Improving the shape, definition and position can make a big difference.

The procedures listed are a selection of the common procedures for women looking for some change in their appearance. Other Procedures takes you to a page, which gives a list of less popular procedures that I perform.

The before and after pictures on each procedure page show pictures of normal women patients of mine. This can give you an idea of what sort of outcome you could expect if you decided to have a procedure carried out by me. Remember everyone is different but in the clinic I will try to show you pictures of my patients who have a similar look to you.

My approach to cosmetic surgery is that, it should be about enhancing the person and improving them, rather than changing them to look like somebody else. You will see around my website that some people have asked for dramatic changes to their appearance. I am happy to do this after a detailed discussion.