Mr Peter Brooks Nottingham Cosmetic Plastic Surgeon

Nottingham Cosmetic Plastic Surgeon

I am a Nottingham cosmetic plastic surgeon. I enjoy cosmetic surgery as it makes a positive improvement to the lives of my patients. Many of my patients tell me how it has transformed their lives, or given them confidence, or that they no longer dislike the way they look. Having that sort of feedback is very rewarding.

Cosmetic clinics

I run my cosmetic clinics in Nottingham from CQC accredited private hospitals which provide the highest standards of care; The Woodthorpe Hospital in Woodthorpe  and the Park Hospital in Arnold.

 The Park Hospital


The Woodthorpe Hospital


Free cosmetic advice

As I don’t feel someone should pay to find out if they feel comfortable with me, I offer a free 10 minute mini consultation, where we can talk about the cosmetic procedure you are interested and I look at you to let you know if it is possible and show you some photos from patients of mine who have had similar procedures.  If, after that you want to take the next step, you need a full consultation. A full consultation costs £150 and involves a full examination and where we talk about your health and medical background in detail and walk you through the options that are available. I follow this up with a costing, a letter from the consultation and in mot cases an information sheet.

Cosmetic or Aesthetic Surgery

Cosmetic surgery or aesthetic surgery, as it is sometimes called is an part of plastic surgery that changes patients’ appearance to help them look the way they want to. Some other specialities such as ENT or Breast surgery do cosmetic procedures that are limited to their area, whereas cosmetic plastic surgeons have been trained to do almost all of the operations that come under the umbrella “cosmetic surgery” or “aesthetic surgery”.

Cosmetic Surgeon / Aesthetic surgeon / Plastic surgeon

Your surgeon should be a fully accredited specialists on the GMC (general medical council) specialist register. Only fully trained plastic surgeons can be on the specialist register for plastic surgery. However any surgeon regardless of training background can call themselves a cosmetic surgeon and anyone from a healthcare background can be a cosmetic practitioner. Being a member of BAPRAS or BAAPS is quite common for plastic surgeons.

Cosmetic procedures / Cosmetic operations / Cosmetic surgery

The full information for the procedures I perform is on this website, but I do Brow lifts, eyelid surgery (Blepharoplasty) , nose job (rhinoplasty), face lift, neck lift,  facial dermabrasion, ear surgery & pinning (otoplasty / pinnaplasty) , chin augmentation, neck tightening, arm skin reduction (bingo wings, brachioplasty ), breast augmentation (boob job), breast uplift (mastopexy), breast reduction, male chest reduction (gynaecomastia), tummy tuck (abdominoplasty), liposuction, labioplasty, thigh lift, fat transfer, implants, penile surgery, scar revision, moles and lump removal, tattoo removal, chemical peels, botox and fillers.

At this time I do not do thread lifts, “butt” implants, thermage or facial feminisation surgery.

Operations and Cosmetic Prices

Information about the operations I perform, the information sheets, the post operative instruction sheets and guide prices are on the main website. The prices are guide prices as each patient will get a formal fixed quotation after a full consultation, but it is rare for them to differ.

Before and after photos

Before and after photographs of my patients are available on the main website and you can see more in my clinics. They give you a reasonable idea of the sort of result you might expect. All patients are individual and all operations are different, but the photographs give a fair indication of likely results.

Peter Brooks patient testimonials

I have a good number of cards and letters from patients expressing their thanks, however these sorts of testimonials are everywhere and sometimes its not clear where they really come from. I have included all my patient feedback from official documents, which is why they are hand written in moist cases. I have left them this way for the sake of authenticity.

Useful Information / FAQS/ frequently asked questions

If you want to know about going back to work after a facelift, or driving after a breast reduction, or how smoking can affect your breast augmentation. These questions and many others are covered in the FAQs (frequently asked questions)

Cosmetic booking, being a patient and the cosmetic team.

The patient’s experience of care from a particular surgeon relies a lot on the team he or she works with. I have an excellent team of administrators; my practice co-ordinator ‘Jo’ and my secretaries ‘Karen’ and ‘Francine’. I also have a regular theatre and anaesthetists team, so we all know each other well. I think you will find the patient experience to be very positive due to the team being established professionals in their town right and doing everything they can to sort things out quickly, effectively and without stress.